I use the most sophisticated equipment to assist in developing your game plan. Full Swing video analysis is captured by the high resolution Hi-Speed camera and state of the art swing analysis software.

Using this system I will analyze your swing and give you precise simple direction whilst utilizing slow motion and stop action video. All the analysis, encouragement, direction, and correction will be captured on video for future review and monitoring progress. I have in place a professional swing library which features some of the world’s top players. This feature allows me to place you side by side on the screen with a pro of similar rhythm and highlight the differences. Actually seeing yourself striking the ball in slow motion helps you to understand the mechanics of the swing and also allows me to highlight the good areas and the not so good areas of your swing.

The benefits of video analysis coaching are,

  • The ability to see your swing and learn from it
  • A video record of your swing patterns to show progress
  • Swing comparisons between you and the world’s best golfers
  • Creating visual diagrams to showcase swing flaws
  • Ability to slow down the swing to pinpoint faults
  • Gives an in depth detail of your swing

Standard lessons without Video Analysis are also available on request